Semi-Automatic Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

At the same time cuts the laminated glass, from bottom and from the top.
After the finishing of cutting operation, automatically brakes the glass first starting from top and after from the bottom.
It has mechanical mitre system,
For cutting shaped glass it has laser mitre (Cannot cut these shapes: triangle, pentagon or special shapes round or ellipse)
PLC Controlled
All mechanical parts can be manually controlled from PLC screen.
Conveyor is asynchronous motor controlled.
All pistons and diamond-cutter oil drops has each sensitive air regulators.
Can be made glass cutting machines from 330 cm – 380 cm – 430 cm – 460 cm and 600 cm capacity.
There is table for measuring and pneumatic tilting table from where cutted glass can be taken out.
Table is designed for heavy glasses.
For easy move of the glass on the table there is blower.
For easy move of the glass in laminated glass cutting table surface also has blower.
Glass support tabs are pneumatical controlled.
Robust mechanical body
Electrostatic powder paint against corrosion
Produced in accordance with appropriate to EU standard regulations for electric and electronics.
CE Certificate

  • Voltage - 380 V
  • Total Power - 8 kW
  • Weight - 1.100 kg (for 330 cm)
  • Cutting Speed - 60 m/min.