Automatic Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

Airbag system to adjust the glass manually
Reference wedges for side positioning
Side arms for loading and discharging of the glass
Double side cutting mechanism
Adjustable up and down tool lubricating system
Sensitive automatic breaking glass from up and down
Flat glass cutting ability
PVB cutting option
Laser control cutting option
Cutting dimensions can be programmed or can be entered manually
Glass breaking system on dimension table
Glass lifting arms can be assembled on any of the side
Manuel and automatic working ability
Adjustable lubricating systemfor up and down tool
Adjustable cutting speed

Special design
Optimization programme
Low-e application

  • Cutting Speed - 60 m/min.
  • Cutting tolerance - +/- 0,5mm
  • Cuttable glass thinkess max - 6+6+4,56 PUB
  • Size of machine - 4500x5800 mm
  • Working Heigh - 945 mm
  • Max. Length of glass - 4000 mm
  • Min. Length of glass - 200 mm
  • The capacity of lubrication tank - 5 L
  • Total weight - 3500 kg
  • Air consumption - 50 L/min.
  • Parallelism - 1 mm
  • Power - 20 kW
  • Diogonal cutting - Laser