Door Espagnolette Lock Barel Opening Machine

According to selector position switch of the machine, can be selected three different accessories. (It prepares automatically itself according to the way it will work). It has knives that go automatically to the axis you want without any adjustment. With suitable molds for PVC, the process will quickly and precisely complete without any adjustments to the right or left doors. Again due to the position switch WC Door- Room Door - Small WC Door can be choose. In these selections the espagnolette is automatically positioned in the cleft. Select the action to be made with the position switch and start. The machine will give you the shape you want without leaving any workmanship.

  • Weight - 300 kg
  • Lenght - 1000 mm
  • Width - 800 mm
  • Height - 1550 mm
  • Air Pressure - 6-8 Bar/min.
  • Air Consuption - 24 l/оp.
  • Voltage & Frequency - 380 V/A 50 Hz
  • Total Power - 3.30 kW
  • Cycle - 3000 rpm